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Vertcal Mind is an American bestseller with the potential to become a classic. Writer Don McGrath has even been giving lectures and workshops based on the book. More information about all the publicity concerning this book can be found at verticalmindbook.com.

In Vertical Mind, Don McGrath and Jeff Elison teach rock climbers how to improve their mental game so they can climb better and have more fun. They show how the latest research in brain science and psychology can help you retrain your mind and body for higher levels of rock climbing performance and they demonstrate how to train and overcome fears and anxiety that hold you back. Finally, they teach climbing partners how to engage in co-creative coaching and help each other improve as climbers. With numerous step-by-step drills and exercises your path to harder climbing has never been clearer.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Your Brain and Performance
3. Your Brain and "Fun"
4. Fear and Performance
5. The Fear of Falling
6. Falling and Relaxation Drills and Tactics
7. Fear of Failure
8. Drills and Tactics to Address Fear of Failure
9. Co-Creative Coaching
10. Flow-Putting It All Together, Performance & Play
11. Getting Started
12. References

Authors: Don McGrath and Jeff Elison 
Language: English
Dimensions: 23,8 x 15,1 cm
Number of pages: 273
ISBN: 9781892540881
Edition: 2014

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